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Welcome to the story which aspires to shatter many unreasonable ideologies. The story will provoke 'wow' as well as 'Woah' moments while reading. It is the story, which keeps up the drama and purity of Love. The flow of this narrative revolves around the life of Kausalya, Shalini, Kanti, Shantanu, Viraj, Ishaan, Neelam and Chetan which incorporates perfectly to create an ocean full of startling, emotional, incredible, uncertain and indeed irreplaceable moments. The story features pain, outrage, hate, concern, grudge, guilt, care and love in a beautiful way.The story has aimed to ratify justice to the characters playing crucial roles. I hope your odyssey through the ups of downs of the story hits the ebb of realism in your hearts and mind. I am attempting to touch each heart with a stroke of authenticity.Happy Reading Bibliophiles.

कौसल्या / Kousalya

  • सूरज गायकवाड

    सूरज गायकवाड यांचे लेख वयाच्या २१ साव्या वर्षी वर्तमानपत्रांमध्ये झळकले. मायावी, प्रेमकथा, चरित्र व उपन्यासावर आधारीत लेख त्यांनी लिहिले आहेत. वर्ष २०२० मध्ये सुरजने तरुण भारत गोवा वर्तमानपत्राचा सर्वात तरुण लेखकाचा मान मिळवला.

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