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Our human minds creates desires every day! Desires, a strong emotion for hoping something! These desires make us curious about the things we wish for, also stand us in a position of excitement. When we desire something it will either get fulfilled or just remain a wish! Those fulfilled desires go on increasing by the time, making ourselves greedy for demanding more. Sometimes becoming questionable to our stability of holding things. There are desires which gonna be beneficial and some which will be inimical for us. Those unfulfilled desires make us sad, angry and frustrated.


  • She is a student and is resident of Balaghat .She feels the real creativity lies in the mess somewhere only...Hence, she calls herself clumsy. She started her journey as a writer almost a year ago.

    She loves to express her feelings through pen. She always tries to make her parents feel proud and ranked in many competition also she has complied

  • 9781639207800

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