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To be a superhero or a super villain, how many people would’ve given a thought to this question? And those who did, what justification will they have for their choice? To restore everyone’s faith in humanity, to keep testing one’s own strength, being the fuel which feeds the fire of listless children in the street who pump their fists in the air with shouts as loud as if the victory of the battle was their own and it might as well be for it brought them out of despair and gave them hope. To be the memoir once lost now found again, of tales read by the pedestrians aging steadily and they relive best of their times witnessing a phenomenal change from their comics or movies on VHS. Oh how one would love a superhero and love more yet, to be the superhero. 

- Sumedha Chowdhury (co-author, eternal)


  • Gaurav Singh Adhikari

    Gaurav Singh Adhikari is a 11 class student studying Humanities subjects. He belongs to Uttarakhand. Apart from being a compiler, he is a project head too in few publications and has been rewarded for that.  He has been awarded with 21+ trophies, 4 medals as of now.

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