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If you had loved me, the same way I do
you would have cried a little hard, the same as I do
You were my everything, but now as you are gone
I had nothing to carry on
I hope you couldn't find a better one,
Making me insane.
All the pain you gave
I wish it could end
But alas! It has now become endless.
What do I do
If I still had a piece of you
Ugh I will keep it safe for you (Forever) 
Now that I'm moving on with my life
Questioning myself what went wrong
And pondering what you might have done.

But you remember, the day I will die
is the day I will leave you
the way I love you.
No other can do.


  • Rhythm Kalsi

    A 21 year old budding writer, currently enrolled as a student in lovely professional university pursuing Bachelor's of Science (Hons.) in Food Technology. Along with academics, she is self-employed at writing content for several e-newsletters. She has been awarded with innovative article award for published article in Agriculture and Food e-newsletter in 2021. As per the interest of author she loves to read, cook and pen down her feelings in her leisure time. She lives in a small town, Mandi in Himachal Pradesh with her family.

  • 9781639401147

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