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College days are the colorful days of life which everyone loves to revisit and cherish the evergreen moments whenever they feel like stuck up anywhere at any point in life. Those are the days we freshly emerge from our school days entered college with so much of imagination on head about how to enjoy the carefree, responsible less days filled with so much of fun, laughter, cultural, friends gang, late night movies and so on.

It's the exact phase of everyone to get moulded from a kid into a responsible human being by exposing ourself to new experiences. One such profound experience was our college project which opened us to enormous possibility.

It's the project which made us think out of the box and untapped the deeper dimension of life.

During that travel we have unveiled the truth which made us into a better person in every dimension.

In this book we will walk you through the journey filled with thought provoking conversation which made us understand the truth of life.

Urgent need of Humanity

  • Jeyashree

    Jeyashree belongs to the city of temples (Madurai) extremely elated to find happiness in the so called process of "Life"

    Yoga teacher by profession, love to pen down what heart says at times sums her as an author.

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