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A woman worships God and enjoys the same freedom as her colleagues in society. The concept of democracy will only accept real and national laws decided by men and women with respect for the interests and abilities of the two parts of the population. Elevation of the status of women has been a sincere induction adopted by the constitution and adopted by the government since the birth of independent India. The ban is one of the measures taken to ensure that women can come out of their shells and have equal opportunities to participate in the legislature without the help of a supporting institution, namely the courts, to change society. judicial assessment, improved Judiciary, social action and enforcement of fundamental rights, the Supreme Court in India strengthened the constitutional anti-discrimination scheme in favor of women and developed a gender-giving law. It is important to know your legal rights. Women should be warned that once violence starts, it will not stop getting worse if they do not speak up in time.


  • Dr. Suman Shrivastava

    Now she works as a Head of Department in Sai Nath University, Ranchi. she has completed Graduation in Botany(H) from Ranchi University,  Graduation in law from Ranchi University, Master in Botany from Ranchi University, Master in Human Right from Ranchi University, Master in Law from C.C.S University Meerut. Ph.D from Ranchi University. 

    Kumari Muskan

    She is pursuing integrated law course from Sai Nath University. She has joined different Competiton and seminar, child right and child protection seminar organized by amity university Jharkhand, national quiz competition organized by jamia hamdard, moot court competition organized by JHALSA, moot court competition organised by ICFAI Jharkhand, client counseling competition organized by GLS Law college, client counseling competition organized by JNVU law college.

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